Sunday, November 26, 2006

curb your enthusiasm

I getting soft as I get older. Some people have problems with horror movies. They can't stand the scary scenes. I have no problem with that. OK that is not entirely true, I do haved some problems watching people get tortured in new horror films such as "hostel". I am having problems watching some of the new comedies. The scenes are so painfull to watch, that sometimes I just can't bare to watch and frankly I have to turn the TV off and go and have a lie down. This is particularly true of shows as "curb your enthusiasm" by Larry David (who was one of the writers behind Seinfeld). I just watched an episode of "curb your ethusiasm" on a digital channel. I would describe why I almost turned the TV off during the epsisode, but I might get arrested if I messed up the review. I liked the motto behind Seinfeld "no hugging and no learning". So I don't understand why the TV show friends is so popular in the UK. There were some very cruel scenes in Seinfeld, but curb your enthusiasm takes things to a whole new level. This is progress I guess.