Tuesday, November 21, 2006

final Canada stuff

I am not sure why I spent so much time complaining about the rain in Canada, because frankly it is winter and rain is what happens in the winter. It was actually quite nice the last day I spent in Vancouver. I was carrying all my luggage waiting for a 20:30 flight, so a lot of rain would have been a bummer. My plan was to go to the beaches around Vancouver. After I got to the general area called a "beach", there seemed to just be a railway track with some industrial stuff near it. I am old fashioned a beach for me has to have like sand and a place to buy ice cream. I am sure there were beaches in Vancouver, but it seemed unlikely that I would find them with the crappy map I stole from the hotel. There are an incredible number of places to eat in Vancouver from every nation except perhaps Canada. People are very polite in Canada. When I was going to breakfast on Sunday morning, some guy asked me to punch some woman out, then he said "thank you sir", as I looked at him in a confused way. The 7-11's don't sell beer. In fact it was hard to find a place that sold booze to take out. Not that this is important to me, I am just making some observations. When I was lost, I did find China town. The Chinese arch in Vancouver is not as colourful as the one in Liverpool. OK, so now I have done Canada. When I got back to Glasgow it was raining.