Sunday, November 19, 2006

I explore Canada for a day

I arrived in Vancouver on Tuesday, but then I spent the rest of the week in a long meeting, so I didn't get to see too much. Also it rained all the time. On Saturday we went for a drive out of Vancouver. We drove over the Lions gate bridge and took highway 99 out of town. The highway had some fjords on the left and some moutains on the right covered with big green trees. It had stopped raining, so it was all very Canadian outback and pretty. There wasn't that much evidence of people on either side of the road. We drove past Britania beach, although there didn't seem to be a beach there. We stopped at Squamish for a fish taco from a fast food store. Squamish was a one mall type of town. It didn't look as though there was any nightlife. After a two hour drive we felt that we had done Canada and it was time to head back to the bright lights of the city.