Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Robert Altman

I was sorry to hear of Robert Altman's death. I used to regularly go to some arts cinema in Edinburgh to see films after work on a Friday in the early 90s. I saw "the player" a great satire on holywood. Also, if my failing memory doesn't fail me I also watched "short cuts". This was a movie based on short stories by Raymond Carver. The film made me feel ill, with the inhumanity in it. Tom Waits was good in it. I liked the way he walked into the bar and poured his money on the bar top to give to the bar man. I also thought that a great film put out at the same time called "Bob Roberts" was also an Altman film. The magic search capablity of the internet has told me that Bob Roberts was actually directed by Tim Robbins, a buddy of Altman. The last film by Altman is "Praire home companion". This a film about a long running radio show. When I lived in the US, I used to mildly hate this radio show. It was always struck me as being about normal decent folk, who I find boring. No doubt I will end up like them or wind up dead from my wild crazy lifestyle. I will probably go see the film though, but I need to see the film Nashiville more urgently. Obviously I liked the MASH film as well.