Friday, February 04, 2011

59 seconds

A couple of years ago I was passing through an airport. There was a woman trying to get people to sign up for credit cards. She touched my arm -- I felt a shock of Electricity shoot through me. Now that I have read "59 seconds" by Richard Wiseman, I now know that she was just applying a trick to get me to fill in a form, and that she didn't really love me at all.

Wiseman's book is a self help book based on scientific studies. For example he reports on studies where they compare the number of telephone numbers of potential partners a person can get depending on whether there is a small amount of contact. The slight problem I have is that he reports a 10% increase in something, but then he doesn't give an error-bar -- but I suppose I should read the original papers.

Note that I don't want to give the impression that the book is just about getting laid, some of the chapter titles are: happiness, creativity, parenting.