Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ideas for Dr Who scripts

Occasionally I day dream that my life is a success. For example I occasionally fantize that I am doing something worthwhile such as writing scripts for the new Dr. Who series. I have two ideas for plots.

  • 1) Possible title: "Dr. Who and the assassination of Margret Thatcher" The plot is where Dr. Who goes back in time to make sure Thatcher dies in a hotel attack. This saves England from losing all its libraries and forests because of the greed of the current crop of public school toffs. Of course I would be hated by the sun and daily mail newspapers, but that would drive the viewing figures up. It would be cool to mix real life footage with the fantasy.
  • 2) Dr. Who and AI. Dr. Who travels back in time and meets Alan Turing. There would be some plot about artificial intelligence thrown in as well. Turing got a bad deal from England, because he was given hormone therapy when he was found to be gay. He committed suicide. The very least we can do for him is to feature him in a Dr. Who episode. I would like to try and get Dirac in the show as well.
I would point out that if anyone steals these ideas, you should consider "getting sued" as the best possible outcome, because you will still have your knee caps.

What brought this rant on? There is a long piece in the Guardian newspaper about Michael Moorcock this weekend. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I did read a lot of Michael Moorcock novels. However at some stage, I stopped, partly because many of the books started to be the same, and partly so that I could explore other writers. Moorcock has recently written a Dr Who novel. I am so excited. I WANT IT NOW! Thanks to kindle I could actually buy it now, but I will wait for the second hand book to arrive.