Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the pleasure of walking ...

When I was a young student I used to have to go for a walk as a break from studying. when I was a student at Imperial College I used to walk a circuit along Cromwell road to relax from studying Physics. As I got older I stoped walking, so much, and the walks tended to be to the supermarket for food and beer.

In Germany most of the shops are shut on Sunday, so there is very little to do (OK, there are many things to do, but not in tandem with work). So over the winter I sometimes don't go out of the house over the weekend -- particularly when there is snow on the ground.

There is a big wood behind the block of flat where I live. Today I decided for a quest for the mythical Kneipe. I wanderd around the wood for a bit in the bitter cold. I found nothing, but dead leaves. My body felt tingely after my walk in a way that never happens after I after I walk to work. I never found a close by Kneipe, but perhaps I will explore more of the forest.