Sunday, February 20, 2011


I listen to many radio plays when I try to work -- thanks to the BBC iplayer. The Iplayer works for radio outside the UK.

I have also started to listen to the audio-books from the project Gutenberg. In the last couple of days, I have listened to Allan Quatermain by Henry Rider Haggard. I had heard of of "Quatermain" from the graphic novel (and the crappy film) the league of extraordinary gentlemen.

Quatermain is a fictional African explorer and the novel is about one of his adventures. Some of it is a bit bleak, because he is writing when he is close to death.

Anyway, think that he in some weird sense is a good representative of the aristocracy. I look at Prince Charles and I look at Cameron and I wander how the UK was an Empire was built around the ancestors of these useless public school educated idiots. Perhaps, Quatermain is the missing link, or more likely he is a fictional character to amuse blog posters over a long weekend.