Sunday, February 13, 2011

my work on the big society

Yesterday lunch time I worked in a soup kitchen of Wuppertal. There is something inspiring when you volounteer ones time to help people. I will never forget the look of happiness as I poured meat soup into the bowl of dirty tramp with a long gray beard. "God bless you guvnor," he said, and I felt a warmth that normally I only get with a good glass of 20 year old whiskey. (Now that I volunteer Germany will no longer need welfare and I will be able to buy plenty of good booze when my taxes are cut.)

After helping in a soup kitchen. I helped out cleaning the streets of the center of Wuppertal. yesterday. What if Kate Middleton visited Wuppertal and she saw rubbish on the ground, such as "burger wrappings." She will be not used to such corruption. I could never live with my self that a future queen of England would know that people throw rubbish on the ground, but not everyone has servants to pick it up again.

Of course some of you reading this post will think is this same Craig who bursts into tears, whenever British politics is discussed, and starts screaming "why didn't I vote in the last election?" and "How did these evil toff fuckers end up in charge", before jumping on a nearby table and ranting "that Etonians should be first horse whipped and the deported in poverty."

Well I worry that a future employer will look at my online presence and say what we want is a more true blue person. This is not just an issue for me, but other people who write intemperate remarks in facebook. What we really need is some kind of "App" that will write "worthy blog posts". In principle I could just write a bunch of fake blog posts, as the above. However, even writing a fake post on the "big society" takes time and effort. It would be much better to just let the computer do all the work.