Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exploring Singapore

So on Friday I had some time to explore Singapore. I was staying on the campus of the Nanyang technical University. This was a very pleasant campus, but it was big and a bit separate from the surrounding city. I planed to get a bus to a railway station. What I read in the guide book about tickets looked a bit complicated. When I got on the bus I couldn't understand what the bus driver said, so I think he let me on the bus with no ticket. At some point everyone got off the bus, so I did too. I was worried about not having a ticket. However I was still on campus and far from any bus station.

There was a big highway and a bridge over it. On the bridge there were signs asking the students to be quiet when coming back late at night. I crossed the bridge and wandered around some big apartment blocks. It looked very regimented. I saw a couple of schools with big signs outside that reported their successes. One success was winning a hip hop dance competition in Las Vegas. It was hot and muggy and I just could not find the railway station

Once I saw the train line I knew I could survive the heat. After drinking a quick life restoring coke,
I found the station. It was easy to buy a ticket with a few coins. I travelled to the centre of the city. There was an area created by some old governor called Raffles.. I got off at a station called City Hall. This turned out to be a shopping Mall. It was so hot outside that I didn't really explore. There was lots of nice food sold in the basement. The place was full of people even though it was a work day.

After lunch I took a train to the Marina area of Singapore. It turned out that the Marina was a big shopping mall as well. You can walk outside too. There is a view of some huge skyscrapers

I stopped at bar. After a cocktail and 1.5 pints of beer I got a bar bill of just over 52 Singapore dollars or roughly 32 Euros. The big skyscrapers are partly due to finance companies so that must have pushed up the bar prices. There were quite a few people in the bar.