Saturday, August 02, 2014

Harold and Maude

When I was living in Knutsford with my mum, I remember one year on Guy Faulkes day. An image of a huge bonfire flashes into my bind. The twinkling flames dance high above me. The bonfire is abnormally huge.

The night before I started watching a film on TV (because that is all we had in the 80s). There was a film with a young man obsessed with death. He was dating some old woman. I only partially watched the film. My friend told me the next day, that the guy's mother was trying to get him interested in normal life. She asked a pretty young woman to come round for tea. To make conversation, he pretends to hack off his arm with a meat cleaver. She flees. I had not seen this scene, so I have wanted to watch the entire film, since then.

Thanks to an article in Guardian last week. I know now that the film was: Harold and Maude.
That is a relief! I have been trying to find out the name of that film since the mid-80s.