Monday, August 25, 2014

Jamie Oliver killed my chillis

I live alone, so when I am cooking I usually have the TV just so I can pretend the TV is my friend. This is works on all days, except on Sunday lunch time, when all the TV shows are shit. I am reduced to viewing cookery shows.

After a while I found I was quite liking the latest Jamie Oliver show, even though he is an annoying cockney cu*t. This is the show where he tries to show people how to cook cheaply, if you have a fully stocked kitchen. OK, some of the ideas seemed reasonable.

However, at one point the evil one said, just put your chillis in the freezer. So like the gullible twat that I am, I bunged 2 bags in the freezer for a bit of heat later in the week.  But when I pulled them out a week later, they started to rot. Ok you can bung them in a hot chilli, but they are destroyed for a nice salad.