Sunday, March 03, 2013

I have been a lazy bad boy

So I still weigh 91 kgs. What went wrong? I trashed my wrists on Monday when I added additional weight to my barbells, so I have done very little weight training this week. My wrists are now better, but still sore.

I have also not written any jokes, or read my book on how to write jokes.  I have achieved nothing this week.

It looks as though it will be warmer the next week, so I no longer have the excuse of being cold for not working out. But there are challenges ahead. I noticed that one of the bars I go into when I am downtime serve Nachos as a snack. I also scoped out a number of other bars downtime Wuppertal, that I will visit next time I feel like drinking outside my flat.

I am lazy, wicked and should be punished.