Sunday, March 03, 2013

The start of my political career

I have just read an interesting article about the recent Eastleigh byelection. The article claims that there is a disconnect between the current set of politicians and the population. This has been true for  a while.

Now is the time for a new type of politician -- one who likes black leather and shouting. I need some kind of angle or hook to get the electorate to choose me. I am not too keen on blaming immigrants or the poor on the UK's troubles, but if I must do that to gain power then I will.

I would like to reach out represent the silent majority whose votes and enthusiasm is not represented. I like the idea of making speeches to large audiences. My rhetoric would whip up the audience to screaming adulation. The meetings would be at night. The flickering flames from the blazing torches would light the sweat on my brow , so my people could see how hard I was working for them.

One problem with democracy is that people have worked out that going to war involves normal people dying. Luckily with the advent of technology I could create a huge fleet of drones controlled by tablets or games consoles. I would make Prince Harry a general and his thumbs could do something useful for once. So perhaps a minor war with a country that doesn't have nuclear weapons.

I would need the backing of the finance industry based in the city of London. I would have to reassure them that I would be a safe pair of hands, until I would have power. Then there would be some changes as I exerted my divine will.

What thrills me about a career in politics is the idea  of service .