Saturday, March 09, 2013

Phone, love and guilty nachos eating.

I love my phone. I looked out the window this morning. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. The end of winter I thought. But then I looked at my phone and it told me the temperature was sub-zero, so I put my scarf on. It was good that I trusted my phone, because it was still fucking cold, even with the warm sunlight.

My phone also tells me of cool places to drink beer. One place it suggested was the Red lounge in Wuppertal. It turned out that this place was close to the Lola bar that I sometimes go to. When I found it is was actually next door to the Lola bar. It looked very closed, but the web site looks still live. It doesn't look to open until 22:00.

So I drank a couple of beers in the Lola bar. Worse than drinking beer, I ate a portion of Nachos. Not really diet food. I was reading American Gods on my phone. I need to read the book before there is any chance of me seeing the HBO TV series.

As I left the Lola bar I thought I would try another bar before taking the bus home. When I walked past the bus station I saw my normal bus was in.  So I got on. I saw a woman who was in the bar. I felt bad because I worried that she might think I was stalking her. So I unsteadily stared out of the window until it was my stop.

If you are wandering what the philosophy of this post is. Well, you are never alone with a phone.