Friday, March 22, 2013

In a bar at Amsterdam airport

I flew from Dusseldorf to Singapore with KLM, so I had a bit break in Amsterdam. There are some good places to work in the airport with a laptop. I didn't try the wireless much, although you are meant to be able to get 1 hour free. After making a few slides, it was time for dinner. I ate a nice burger and fries and I thought a beer would be good for desert.

I the bar there was a couple talking to the barman. The guy was English but the woman was from some other country. The guy told some story about how he was working in a bar and some drunk guy told him to get a career and that changed his life. Don't get me wrong, they were pleasant enough. But I was amused when they were ordering burgers and getting the beer deal. They were planning their preflight drinks and then the bar man told them what the time was and they suddenly remembered they were on European time rather than UK time. A typical middle class couple I thought, slowly sinking into booze. The guy did, let the barman pull me a beer, before the barman made him a cocktail.

Of course I should not have been in the bar anyway. I could have made another few slides, or read my book.