Monday, May 15, 2006

daniel johnston

Umm. The people at FACT are such bastards. They keep flashing the trailor for the documentary about Daniel Johnston. Daniel Johnston was an underground singer song writer whose career was hampered by mental illness. I think I first got my first Daniel Johnson CD when I was living in the US. I have always picked up a new CD when I see it in a store, but they don't tend to stock his back catalogue. I really like Daniel Johnston, but perhaps not as much as I like Syd Barret or Kevin Coyne, but srill... In one of the reviews I read that he got obsessed by Mountain dew. This was also ne of my favourite drinks in the US The documentary was playing in Glasgow when I was up there last week, but I didn't make the show. I just worry that FACT will not show it before I leave. Oh well, I can just get it on DVD.