Thursday, May 25, 2006


I went for a drink in ther magnet bar in Liverpool. I was pretty tired. The magnet is a cool bar with boothes and red leather seats. There used to be an annoying rock wall thing on one of the walls, that one of my good drinking partners used to complain about. In the half light I saw a huge photograph of a lone man on a seat. I could't tell whether the man was sitting on a piona stool, or slumped in a bar (like me). It was fun to try and decide which it was, than to walk over and take a closer look. True piglrims of this blog can investigate this issue for themselves. Here is some information on the magner bar. After I left the bar, I walked to the bus stop near the bombed out church. As I trurned a corner I saw a beautiful white horse full of power and life. It seamed a strange sight in the center of Liverpool. It was a police horse. Man, I was tired last night.