Monday, May 22, 2006

God hates me

I really wanted to see the band Brian Jones Town massacre play at the Barfly last week. When I went to the venue the gig was sold out. The door staff was pretty good and tried to get someonw with a spare ticket to sell it me. Unless I totally fucked up this is the same band that was in the great documentary called "dig". This was a comparison between two bamds. One band suceeded and the other messed up drugs. The band that messed up was the more talented. This is a pretty bland review, but the film dig is clearly one of the greatest rock documentaries ever made. When I saw the film at the Liverpool FACT the place was not that full. Perhaps, if I watched MTV and listened to young and hip radio 1, I would have known more people would turn up. I was a bit worried that I was going to the gig because of voyourism. I would hate to be like the people who go to babyshambles gigs just to see the lead singer OD on stage. Their set at Glastonbury was pretty weak. (OK I watched it on TV, but still....)