Saturday, May 06, 2006

A new york doll

I just went out to see a doc his film at te FACT center in Liverpool. umentary about the base player for the band "the new york dolls". I saw the film at the mighty fine FACT center in Liverpool. The New York Dolls were a very influciencial pre-punk band. They influenced the Ramones for example. Just before they got really big, they slit up because of a variety of drug and alchol problems. The player "killer kanes" essentially just dropped out. He wanted to be s star but couldn't manage it. He ended up poor and alcholic and joined the Mormon faith. He worked at a library for the church. There was a reunion gig organized by Morrisey in LOndon. It looked as though the documentary was started when the guy suddenly got the call to go this gig in London. It was a strangley touching film. The Mormon church must be very pleased by the film. They had a number of interviews with his Bishop and personal teacher. It was all quite respectifull. Even when one of the other New York Dolls was taking the piss out of his mormon beliefs (in a fairly gentle way), Kane took it pretty well. I am glad I didn't see this film before I lived in Salt Lake City. I might have made some different decisions. Perhaps I would have not jointed up with those gnostic people. Anyway a good documentary. Not perhaps as seminal as "dig" but still pretty cool. It looks as though the FACT center are going to show the film about Daniel Johnston. I really like the guys voice -- it oozes insanity and pain.