Monday, May 01, 2006


I have decided that I can't go on with this life of no meaning anymore. I feel so empty. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel like an pointless thing such as suicide, I just feel the need for more meaning in my life. I was walking to work today, it becme clear the only way to feel again was to help people. The only cause that matters now is Iraq. So I must go to Iraq and help the people become free and happy just like me. Umm, I see one problem already. Expedia don't sel tickets to Iraq! This is what Expedia says when I try to go to Iraq: Destination currently unavailable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is unable to sell tickets to one or more of the destinations you have chosen. Please select a different destination. We apologise for the inconvenience. Apart from the problem of actually getting there. I am not sure what I can give to the people of Iraq OK I have had an idea. I will go there and open an off liscense. Irqa is a dangerous place but they probably don't have the off liscences with glass walls in them that Liverpool has. I am sure that the glass in a Liverpool off liscens is bullet proof, whether they can take a bazooka shot I am unsure. If I do get a flight to Iraq, I don't see myself taking the cases of Carling beer there. So I will have to be more cunning. I will take over some traditional English homebreew beer. That should be easy to take in a suitcase. I could brew "freedom beer". That would sell well, I am sure. Perhaps, George Bush would visit my shop, because of my succesful busines. How could George refuse a tankard of freedom ale? Now that would make politics in the US interesting and help the people of Iraq.