Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thomas Lang

I went out to see Thomas Lang play at the University of Liverpool student guild. I had never heard of hime before. He looked vaguely techno and European on the posters. I did of course check him out on this internet thing. When I looked at the ticket I got from the card shop, I noticed that I had ticket numer 20. Small crowds always freak me out, because the band are pretty unhappy. When a hit the venue, I noticed a number of things. The place was packed. Local bands always do well. But it was a sit down do. I just hate seated venues. In this case a large fraction of the audience were a bit old so perhaps seats are needed, but you know rock and roll...... if you can't manage to stand up for a sixty minute set, perhaps a another TV night might be better for you.... The seats didn't put me in a receptive mood. The songs were very "easy listening", but perhaps on another night I might have been enjoyed the set more.