Friday, May 12, 2006


I love the web. I downloaded a Daniel Johnston CD to my computer. I listened to his songs of mentail illness and pain in my bedroom, and I too felt a bit sad. I found the latest record by Neil Young tha he realeased free from a web site. THis was a good rocking record. Perhaps not a classic, but an angry anti-bush rant. I then found te censored episode of south park about Tom Cruise. What more does a person need to be happy, but high speed internet access? I clearly need to start to download more music. TRouble is what will I do on Saturday afternoon. For over 10 years I have gone out on a Saturday afternoon to buy Cds. What will I do with the saved time. If the electronic book thing works out. I could carry all my possessions in my laptop. I would finally be free of the real clutter that surrounds me.