Monday, May 01, 2006

wasting my life

I can't help but feeling that I am wasting my life. I got in from work last night. I was so tired and burnt out, that I could only watch "Miss Marple" on TV and drink some beer. I didn't even have the energy to watch the film audition by Miike Takashi. I wasn't in the mood for torture. It was a wasted evening. Nothing creative watched or created. I have also spent part of the morning looking for reviews of the latest Scott Walker CD on the guardian. Why? For what purpose. The only reason can be that I am addicted to this consumerism. I did find that Scott Walker had put out a CD of Jacques Brel covers. I have 1 CD Jaques Brel CD, but he sings in French. Of course I could learn French to listen to the original songs, but I am a lazy Englishman. I need to turn my life around. Perhaps, I should volounteer to go to Iraq to find myself and get a purpose.