Friday, March 23, 2007

banned in China

You will be happy to know that this blog is actually banned in china. How did this happen I don't know. I was about to rant on how tasteless torfu was, but I couldn't get to my blog from the computer in the hotel. The torfu incident was caused by me pointing at a picture in a fast food restauramt. I thought the white things were chicken. Frankly torfu doesn't taste of anything. It seems a bit extreme that I can't post on this important topic. I am sure that in a nation of one billion people a complaint about the lack of taste of torfu (that is no doubt efficient to produce) relative to the yummy taste of chicken is an important political issue, but one of the reasons to go to China is for novel and spicy food. I did see my blog and made my first post from China. The next day I just saw a page of chinese charcters. Perhaps, I will get deported. I still have the edge.