Sunday, March 04, 2007


The high point of my weekend was going to be finding ASDA. In principle there is an ASDA store fairly close to me, but I still have to find the place. The executive summary of long boring slog was that I got lost and coudn't find the store. Actually, as I was walking up a deserted road I found that I needed a p*ss, so turned back into the warm arms of Tesco in the Maryhill shopping centre. I did find that I am living very close to a big fire station, a police station, and a bingo hall. When I lived in Liverpool, close to the end of Park Road, I also lived close to a police station, fire station, and bingo hall. Coincidence? I don't think so. I certainly don't plan where I live based on where the fire station in the city is. It is clear that I have not actually moved from Liverpool to Glasgow at all. Both places don't exist, and there has just been a slight rearrangement of the reality set where I live. I have read enough Philip K. Dick novels to know that it may be time to get seriously paranoid. However, I have a very Zen attitude about this. Even if I am the center of some vast alien experiment, I can still buy CDs. Also Tesco is selling 5% cans of larger for 62p, so why rock the boat? That Judas character in the first matrix film had a point, if you don't know that reality is not real, do you really care? I am disturbed that the Aliens seem to want to put a Bingo hall close to me.