Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thursday in Beijing

On Thursday, I couldn't be arsed to do anything in Beijing. I read my book and wondered around for a bit. Yes, I should have planned another big tourist excursion, but I was tired. Tourism is hard work! I can't remember exactly what book I was reading. I did read Mao by Clare Hollingworth during the holiday. The lesson I got from Mao was that he was a good military strategist in the guerrilla war. but he was not a good leader for peace time. I did like all the politics of the senior people in the Chinese Communist party as they positioned for seniority. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot about Mao's later sexual exploits. I have to get another book about this. Interestingly, the biography I did read did talk a lot about his last wife's sexual adventures. I bought a copy of Mao's little red book, that I will shake at people, if they disagree with me.