Monday, March 26, 2007

Give the anarchist a cigarette

I am stuck in Amsterdam airport waiting for my final flight back to Glasgow. I think I managed to blow a huge amount of snot around the plane from Beijing. I picked up a wet cold before I left. I will post about my experiences in China later. As part of my holiday reading I read the book "Give the Anarchrist a cigarette" by Mick Farren. This was a sort of hippy who was around the counter culture in the late 60s. Some how he managed to survive the 70s as well, given that every story involved hime drinking a huge amount, doing LSD and snorting cocaine. Somehow he also wrote novels, edited a magazine, and was in a band called the socal deviants. He also organized a free music festival in theUK where the MC5 played. I am going to check out some of his music, but amazon tells me that some of it is collectable (that means expensive). He liked to party but he was actually very insightful about the counter culture as well. I did get a bit tired of the pages about getting wasted, but he did seem to achieve as lot. Thismay have been because he stayed away from the needle. He mentioned a band called the fuggs -- that I will also search out. Time for beer. Only another 4 hours to kill before my flight.