Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I slept badly last night. I kept dreaming that I was part of the space program to put a man (or woman) on the moon. The dream was confusing because I couldn't work out whether I was working for the Chinese or the British program. I remember that I had problems sleeping one night in Beijing. There was the constant dripping of water in pipes. Oh dear, my brain is no longer my own. China has a bad civil rights record and they banned this BLOG from being read in China. There were a lot of police and army on the streets, but they didn't see any hostility. I did see one guy handcuff some old woman on the ground at the entrance to a metro station. The woman was screaming abuse. A whole crowd of Chinese ran up to watch. I don't so mind so much being brainwashed by the Chinese government to betray secrets of western missions to the moon or mars. I feel weak that I didn't resist then pressure to be involved in any manned space flight. Frankly it is a waste of money. It just a publicity stunt. This is why the manned mission to Mars is supported by anti-science people like George Bush. Why can't the Chinese have brainwashed me to take money from the space program and to put it to the linear collider project?