Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An introduction to my trip to Beijing

This is my record of my trip to Beijing. Just like Marco Polo's "The Travels of Marco Polo", I am not writing at the time of the trip, as I normally do. I am writing it in the comfort of my own home. There was only a single computer in the hotel I stayed, apart from the computer in my room. I couldn't understand the instructions on the computer in my room, because they were in Chinese. If I wasn't on holiday, I probably could have got it working. I did actually read "The Travels of Marco Polo" while I was in China. Hopefully, my report will be more accurate than Marco Polo's. I certainly saw no cannibals, men with tails, or heard of any tales of Noah's ark. Apparently, some people now speculate that Marco Polo never went to China, because he never saw the Great Wall of China. The scholars think that Polo made up some of his book. However, one of my guides said that he felt that the great wall of China was in a state of disrepair when Polo passed through. Perhaps, I didn't goto China. I could be making this up. My trip to China could have been a cover for me to lock myself in my flat to watch the first 4 box sets of "24".