Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunday evening in Beijing

The Sunday was also my birthday. It was one of those birthdays that ended with one of those dreaded 0s at the end. As my cousin noted, I had travelled a long way to hide from this fact. I was sitting in my hotel room, reading a book, when I heard a knock on the door. Some of the hotel staff had noticed it was my birthday, so they had a brought me a plate of fruit. This was pretty sweet of them, although I guess they felt sorry for me ... Obviously, I would have been happier to spend my birthday in some kind of opium den, or slumped in some exotic bar. Then this blog entry would have been about chasing the dragon. Unfortunately, opium dens no longer exist in China. I don't think China has developed enough to have crack houses yet. Still when the economy gets stronger they will exist. I did read about a opium den though. The book was "The chinatown death cloud peril" by Paul Malome. This was an action type book that had Ron Hubbard of scientology fame as a character.