Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bobby Fischer goes to war

I was in the chess club at school for while. I was never very good at chess. I certainly didn't think about it too much. I can't say that even now that I would want to invest any effort in the game. I am too old to do anything as nerdy as playing chess, I would rather invest my declining energy in doing something more practical such as learning LISP. So having ranted all the above out, I am not sure why I read "Bobby Fischer Goes to War" by Edmonds and Eidinow. This was the story of how the American Bobby Fischer won the world chess championship in the 70s. It was interesting to read about the Soviet chess system. The Fischer guy was just a total nut case. He was rude in an amazing way that people only knew how to give into. What also interested me was that the chess players took their fitness very seriously. Fischer goes bowling with some "friends". Some stranger tries to help him bowl better, because he wasn't knocking down many pins. Fischer just says, I am not really interested in bowling. I am just throwing the ball to improve the strength in my arm to help my chess playing. Wow, showing how to be a sh*t and total dedication at the same time.