Thursday, August 14, 2008

The end of oil

Rajan Gupta gave an interesting talk at the lattice 2008 conference on the oil issue. After that I decided I should know more about energy. Amazon kindly sold me the book "the end of oil" by Paul Roberts. The book explained many of the issues about the oil supply. Roberts doesn't come over as a member of the left, this made the book refreshing and depressing. I know have a better idea about the issues in drilling for oil in Alaska Although he just casually mentions "of course the Iraq war was about oil". In some sense I would have been happy if Blair had admitted that the Iraq war was about the oil. It was clear that Bush's people thought this, but Blair essentially has no idea what he was doing. The Iraq was only a small part of the book. My bet is that in the future people will view their ancestors who used SUVs to travel around cities in the same way as slave owners. It will be hidden shame of the family history. It is good thing that everyone is now taking digital photographs, because it will be easy to paste out a SUV with a nice bicycle. I didn't realize that oil production could be starting to peak. Things are getting so bad that Arthur Scargill is back. (No state funeral for Thatcher because she closed down most of the coal mines). The book discusses clean technology for coal.