Saturday, August 16, 2008

The wave pictures

I went out to see the "wave pictures" play at the Glasgow barfly last night. I really like the the sound that the wave pictures make. They sound like Jonathan Richman and the modern lovers (famous for the song roadrunner). Their songs can be dense and confusing -- but I like that. One song was about the day Johnny Cash died. The song ends with his girlfriend saying "its not as if it was Elvis". I would have ended the song with "it is over bitch". There were not too many people in the barfly last night. On my way home I stopped off at the Oran Mor for more beer. This place is close enough to my flat, that I walk home with out having to find an outside toilet. I had two sets of women come and talk to me. I had not drunk too much beer, so I could still talk, but I think they found me boring and moved onto more interesting prospects. Anyway I didn't start ranting on about pyramids or why there are two canisters of shaving foam in bathroom trying to brainwash me. I got home about 3:00. I should go out more.