Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jeffrey lewis gig

I went out to see Jeffrey Lewis play last night at the Captain's nest venue in Glasgow. In my biased opinion Jeff is probably the best song writer in the US at the moment. He is famous for "last time I did acid I went insane". He is a mellow folk singer who also writes and draws comics. During his set he shows one of his comics. Last night he showed a comic for history of communism in Korea. The last album he and his band did was a bunch of covers of crass songs. Crass was a famous UK anarchist punk band, but his folky renditions sound both powerful and mellow. He only played 2 songs from the crass album. Over 50% of the set was new material. I liked the venue, but it was totally full. I turned up with no tickets, but the barman sold me a ticket. It was really hot as well, but everyone was into the music and there was no drunk people to shout and scream during the quiet bits. After the gig I had to re-hydrate myself with a beer in the upstairs bar before I headed home. Some guy talked to me. He had been to see Jeffrey Lewis, and also he had been to see another here of mine Daniel Johnston. The guy finished his beer and announced he was getting the bus to Edinburgh to go to a party full of lesbians. He also told me that he had spent three hours the day before trying to chat up a lesbian and it was difficult to tell if a woman was a lesbian. After he imparted this knowledge he left. I finished my beer and started to pub my way home, humming "punk is dead."