Saturday, August 23, 2008


I guess that, dear reader, you know me well enough, that you feel my longing to see the new hellboy movie. However, I am not someone who can take simple pleasures, with out a heady dose of guilt and self imposed suffering. I have an addictive personality so I am careful what new vices I pick up. I have not tried, whoring, smoking crack, or look at porn on the Internet, because I know that if start I will not be able to stop. I do allow myself, smaller more manageable vices. There is graphic novel section in Hillhead public library. I have tried to avoid comics and graphic novels, because I don't want to end up as one of these old bald guys explaining to some disinterested chick that "graphic novels are a new art form". However, since I can check books out from the library for free, I decided I would see if I had the attention span to read a comic book. So I slid up to the graphics novel part of the library. Another single guy was looking at the books. I hovered some more and the guy moved off. Later on I saw him at the checkout desk. He had the graphic novel for Ironman. I stopped myself from saying "mine" and grabbing the Ironman comic, but I limited myself to thinking bast*ard. I checked a comic/graphic novel from the hellboy series drawn and written by Mike Mignola. The book was called "strange journeys". Later that Thursday evening I found that I did indeed have the attention span to read comic books again. I devoured the book, rather than doing any chores on Thursday. On Friday morning I had to get another comic book from the library. I am already a sad comic junkie.