Friday, August 29, 2008

drinking stuff

A couple of weeks agao I walked into a pub close to Queen street railway station in Glasgow. There were two guys at the bar, probably both of them in their late thirties. One of the guys with an Irish accent started talking to me. To celebrate this I ordered Guinness. He and his friend were interesting to talk to. I am not good at holding up a conversation unless the content has a lot of DVD and book references. This type of thing is a "cheers" moment where you go to the local pub to meet people. On my own I normally just drink my beer, practise non-existence and try to avoid eye contact. One of the guys wanted to buy my drink. I wasn't so keen, partly because I was just having a beer after watching a film. He was going "what could happen?". I was not worried that I would drink too much and wake up the next day to hear some Irish snoring and an ache in my backside. More it was that I know that when alchol is involed, it doesn't take long until the good cheer leaves, and things get weird. As it turned the guy had been unfaithful to his wife who kept ringing. His friend took him off back home. Didn't I tell that you things always end weird. To end on a more positive note, I found a place to buy Guinness for two pounds in the center of Glasgow.