Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 7th dimension

I watched the film "the 7th dimension" on Sunday and Monday by the magic of Itunes. Th blurb for the film had something about hacker breaking int the Vatican computer network. The film started badly for me, because it had two women students talking. There is great line in a Dylan Thomas story that goes like: "he still loved her, but he didn't like anything she set or did."  The two students were attractive in a non-verbal way.  Anyway things get weirder as they go to flat where a group of three people are indeed trying to hack into the Vatican,

It was clearly a a low budget film that had some interesting (although) common ideas. Midway through the film, I thought that the two women had hidden talents, but no they both messed up -- and one had to ring there mum up. I did like the goth chick in the flat. She had started out selling wine and beer in a shop, but became an elite hacker. Interesting!

This film is another nail in the coffin of string theory. String theory was not mentioned in a film about higher dimensions. I am no expert in string theory, but I don't think it is consistent in 7 dimensions, it prefers 10, 11, or 26 dimensions.