Monday, February 27, 2012

My core

 On having a strong core

After a post about satanism, I thought I should post a saner post -- just in case any future employers are reading. After all, even  Aleister Crowley was a mountaineer, so fitness is important not just for life, but also for the occult.

Apart from being fat, I think my abdominal muscles are very weak. I find it hard to have weight on my stomach.  I have in the past used an ab roller machine, but I have read that it is not good for the neck. Also I am not very good at doing sit ups.

In a book by a hard core weight lifter he recommended an ab-wheel. Mine arrived last week. I can feel it burning my abdominal.

When my abs are strong I will be able to do stuff like invite people to hit me in the stomach. But I remember what happened to Houdini.