Sunday, February 26, 2012

What not to read in public

On why buying a book by Dennis Wheatley was not such a good idea

About two weeks ago I felt like reading a book by the "horror writer" Dennis Wheatley. He was famous for writing occult novels filled with devil worshipers. He was once very popular, but now his books are almost out of print. So I chose a book on amazon and ordered a copy.

When It arrived I was a bit shocked by the cover. I thought perhaps I shouldn't read such a book outside my flat. I just hope the police come round to my flat. They would see  the book and I would have to explain that I was interested in Satanists rather that Nazis. This would be a conversation that would not end well.

Let us hope that they don't start reading, because a father and a daughter have just done something wrong in a black mass. And the father may turn out to be a hero.