Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How I came to love steps

On boxing

I am trying to get fit. In the past I have gone to the gym and done a little weights and used a stepper to warm up. However the University of Wuppertal is on a hill, so I thought I should use the real steps. So when I feel like it I walk down a road to the bottom of the hill, so that I can walk up the steps -- for fitness. If I feel real keen I also walk up the stairs to my office on the 10th floor.

So here are the first third of the steps to my office

Perhaps it will end like the Rocky film. I will run up the stairs and start jumping and down.

Many people have filmed themselves running up the same steps as Rocky. Perhaps when I get a bit
fitter I can be a professional boxer. At the moment I stagger to the top and wander around with my nervous system completely destroyed. Until I get a coffee.