Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A few thoughts on black magic

My first dream of black magic

I had a dream with plenty of black magic in it last night. I was on an island. I went into a tunnel into the ground. There was a bunker with a locked wardrobe in it. I open the wardrobe with  key, although I knew there could be problems with evil. I looked around the bunker, but delayed too long. The sense of evil increased and I panicked. I couldn't get the wardrobe closed and locked and I had to escape from the bunker by another way. Black clouds were swarming around and I needed sunlight.

On the roof I met a goth chick who was worried about evil, but who almost kept bursting into flame.
I then met some other people who worried about the dark forces swirling around us.

So what does the dream mean master? Well on the positive side I am not actually welding black magic, but somehow I am being tempted. When I was awake I wandered whether black magic could  be used to help me win the Templeton prize. That is not really normal is it, but the Templeton prize is a lot of money? I think the dream was more influenced by watching the end of Merlin (but not the BBC series) on  TV, before I went to sleep.