Monday, August 06, 2012

Eating with Satan in Leipzig

Goethe was a student in Leipzig. His favorite wine bar was called: Auersbachs Keller and this was a good reason to visit. The guide book said there was a statue of Goethe looking to entrance of the passage that contained the Keller. One of Goethe's famous works is Faust, about a man who sells his soul to the Devil. Well look at my picture of the statue of Goethe.  Yes as you can see that Satan ruined the picture for me.

Anyway the sun was bright and I had difficulty seeing the /> My pictures of the statues of Faust and Mephisto, that stand outside the Keller, are a bit better. because the sun was not plotting against me

I am not sure who the woman is.

Auerbach's Cellar is a big restaurant. Originally I just planned to just have a beer there and get a kebab later, but it looked as though they wanted everyone to eat. I ordered some food. As I was waiting, I started to sweat. I could feel evil. The place was full of families and tourist types. I didn't feel well. There was nothing weird going on -- apart from a heavily tattooed women who breast feed her baby at a table close to me, to quieten it down. It was almost as though I was supping beer with the great beast himself. But when the food came I started to feel better and the world was warm and fine. It just shows that you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.
It would have been cool if I could have ridden a wine barrel from the cellar to the street, but still I like having my own soul.