Sunday, August 26, 2012

plays, dreams and trains

I feel like shit. I woke up early as usual, but then I didn't go back to sleep immediately, because I wanted to remember my dreams.

For the first part I was in a school. I had to write a play. I wrote free verse on my laptop and it was shown on a big screen. The free verse wasn't very good, but I was just happy to be writing, because I was impressing some women near by.

Next I got off a train and I wanted to buy a ticket to Liverpool. I thought I only had a few minutes to get a ticket. I ran around but the ticket machines were all very confusing. I also only had a few coins. I put money into one machine, but ended up buying some stamps!

What does it all mean? Well I am clearly unhappy about the ticket machines at Manchester airport, where I regularly buy the more expensive single ticket to Manchester. It is not clear to me that I needed to record this dream, but I have not had a vivid dream for such a long time.