Sunday, August 19, 2012

From the ZX81 to raspberry pi

I have spent part of the day reading about the economic woes of the UK.  I will post later what the book is, but it makes pretty grim reading. What can a person do?

I felt it was my patriotic duty to buy  a raspberry pi computer, as this could be the machine that improves the UK's software industry. It is an ultracheap bare bones computer that is meant to be programmed. I just ordered one for 50 pounds.  The actual computer is cheaper, but I had to get extras such as memory.

Like many people of my age I learned how to program on a ZX81, although I wanted a BBC microcomputer. Will the kids start to learn linux and python , or will they want an Ipad so they do facebook stuff?

I have to wait upto 15 weeks to get it and then I will have to find time to work on it.