Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the death of the martini cocktail.

I have not gone crazy, but I have drunk a fair amount of booze while I am here. Nearly everywhere offers cocktails. In the past the standard cocktail has been the martini. Now a days you are more likely to see Sex on the beach offered, but I have seen a couple of places that offered Martinis. Purely for educational reasons I tried the Martinis at the two bars. I was disappointed at both places.

A martini should be Gin or Vodka with Vermouth served in one of those broad cocktail glasses. You can also buy bottles of Martini, Both times I ordered Martinis I had the bottled stuff in an ordinary glass. I was disappointed, but at least it was cheap. Somehow the ready made bottles have destroyed this sophisticated drink. Now is has been relgated to some non cocktail statue. Look James Bond drinks martins and he is cool again.

When I was around 18 years old I read my last breath  by the surrealist film director Luis Brunel. In this book he describes how to make the perfect Martini -- you let the rays of the moon pass thought the bottle of Vermouth and into the Gin.

Hopefully I will dry out when I get back to rainy Germany.

At the very least the death of  the martin cocktail is a metaphor for the destruction of on idea by popular bottling.