Monday, September 17, 2012

Outside a strip club in Ibiza

I went out a bit later last night for a beer and a shot of absinthe. When  I first arrived in Ibiza I did wonder what the women who were hanging around the street corners were doing. They looked too drug free to be prostitutes. Later I saw that their job was to try and sell club tickets or get people to go into bars. I am told this job is not very well paid. Not a single one of them tried to sell me a club ticket or get me into a bar. I must be too old and broken to hang with the smart set. I am not one of the beautiful people.

It is very expensive to go to these clubs and I am no trance expert. New Order did play the Ibiza rocks hotel  during my holiday. It might have been good to go, but I have seen them before and I think the tickets were 50 Euros. No disrespect to New Order, but they are an old band. I did not feel that Ibiza was a cool place full of creative people making amazing music. Most of the bars were using all day breakfasts and football matches to get the punters through the door, On of the bars I was in that is linked to  a big name club starting playing pink floyd when I was there. It is the death of a scene when foot ball and music from old bands start to rule.

Last night I was soaking in the atmosphere when for the first time a woman approached me. She wanted me to go in the strip club. I thought about it, but I did not have enough money. So that is what Ibiza thinks of me, a guy who goes into strip clubs. Just great  .......