Thursday, September 13, 2012


So I am finally in Ibiza. It is not really the sess pit of vice, but it seems a bit quiet. There are a few people starting to drink in the morniong, but it eems an almost family resort. There are not many people around. Any Friday or Saturday night in the Liverpool city centre is wilder. I am not really looking for too much excitement, because I am mostly here to do some reading.

The hotekl I am staying in is OK, but the door to my room has the worst lock I have ever seen. It will only take a minor kick to open it. I don´t carry anthing  too valuable, but I would be annoyed to lose my netbook. I saw a big cockroach walk accross the floor on the first night I stayed there. I killed it. The next night I had seen a much bigger cockroach, but it was too quick and it lived.