Sunday, September 16, 2012

On being robbed in Ibiza

I usually stay in the cheapest hotels, In these places there is no guarantee of a working TV. In these days that is not  such a big deal because I can watch films on my laptop. However the door on my hotel room in Iviza is so weak, that anyone could kick it open in 6 minutes. After being robbed in Athens I didn´t want to carry my laptop around, but still I worried about it sitting in my hotel room..

Sp my heart sank when I came back yesterday and saw my the door to my hotel room was slightly open. I rushed into the room. My laptop was still there and nothing seemed to be stolen. However later I noticed that the bin in the bathroom was gone! What the fuck a thief came in and stole a rubbish bin.

This was all a bit weird. It reminded me of the bread maker that was stolen from my flat in Liverpool. Could there be a pattern emerging.

Another option could be that the person who cleans the rooms forgot to close the door. She seems obsessed  
with giving me new towels0. I only shower once a day, so I don´t need 4 new towels each day. The hotel room is getting cluttered with towels. Perhaps I should be showering more times a day, it is hot here.