Saturday, September 15, 2012

On being cool

Today I put on my Aleister Crowley T'shirt on for the first time. I am feeling pretty cool. In fact I was just in a pizza restaurant. An Australian woman was sitting at the table next to me, and seemed possibly interested in me. I almost started a consversation, but ....

Today I decided as my trip out to take a little road train to a local village close to San Antonio. This was fun, but the rest of the passangers were old or young families. I ddn´´t feel very cool as the little road train went through the center of the city. All the hard t-shirtless men looked as me to say what a dickhead.

I had wanted to take the train, becausetoday I was also reading Hell Train by Christopher Fowler. I though the physical train ride would work well withthe story. However, the train drived made a lot of jokes, so it didn´t put in the mood to read about a train journey into hell.